Well, Well Well.. ington

Well, well, well, we meet again. And plenty has happened between this time that of course I must fill you in on: 

One very big important one is that.. a cat cafe has opened up in Wellington! Which is one step close to my ultimate goal of becoming a crazy cat lady.

I cut my finger badly and had to go to the hospital.. it was actually incredibly scary and I thought my time was up. It also happened about 2 days after I got engaged  (yes, that is also a big thing that happened!).

It was Halloween and I threw a Halloween party! Which was a lot of fun, and we used a projector to screen Tim Burtons ‘Ed Wood’ movie. We had candy apples, a vegetarian jelly brain and all sorts of ghoulishly delightful treats.

I had my wisdom teeth out! Which was pretty interesting.. I have never seen my face look so different, and I hope I don’t have to ever again. But it’s a lot better now, feeling like a regular person who can go out in public again (woohoo).

And it’s almost Christmas!! I can’t wait to go visit home soon and set up the Christmas tree early December (a job I have very much missed doing for the past few years I have been away). And my upcoming birthday when I will turn more old (oh gosh, MORE old..)!

Any who,  that’s my update on the things which have occurred in my life recently!


The Palms

I took a trip back down to my home town this weekend to catch up with friends and family (and am currently lounging about the family house in pj’s – good old Sunday mornings at home.


Mum and I went out in search of a birthday cake for dad and I spotted cronuts (I had heard loads about them but had never tried one) and it was delicious!

As pictured here it had like a salted caramel sauce on the top and was filled with a custard filling inside – completely delicious, Β I’m convinced!

My good friend Lisa and I went out for some tasty dins at the Fox and Ferret and discovered that they actually do really tasty burgers. I got the mushroom, haloumI with salad and mayo, and Lisa got the same except minus the cheese and mayo (she is vegan) but the mushrooms were amazingly delicious!

A couple of crazies out in town pictured above. We caught the bus (such fun) into town after that and we were waiting at the back of the line at a club when the bouncer pointed to us and a couple of other girls and let us go past the massive line and straight into the club! Feeling very VIP 🍾 Such a fun night with such a great gal πŸ’–

Champagne supernova (or Meteor)

We drove out of town to see Jacks friend Dan Champagne play a gig on Monday, which was absolutely fantastic – I don’t think I have seen someone on stage with so much energy and emotion, really special. 

It was held at this sort of abandoned hospital site, which was actually really quite eerie (especially when we thought we were lost and going to unknowingly star in a new horror movie) but we took a few freaked out photos which lightened the terror a bit.

We were also driving along the highway and saw a meteor / green glowing fire thing fizzle out over the ocean! We both looked at each other in disbelief and said “um did you just see that too?”. Super massive crazy night!

Throwing the plum

I am writing this blog while listening to this incredibly relaxing video I found on YouTube today (its a thing called ASMR, and its a bit like listening to soothing waterfall sounds or rain, except with paper). Its quite strange sitting down and listening to this sort of video, but jeez Louise it is soothing to the ears (best listened to with headphones). A good way of winding down after a big day at work, almost as good as Wednesday night $5 French bubble, am I right or am I right πŸ˜‰

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