Tea-shirt making

Tea-shirt 4

So a couple of weeks ago I found a little pack of coloured t-shirt pens while I was out looking for some card making bits and pieces and thought it would be cool to try out making a t-shirt design! I sort of live in cute patterned/printed t-shirts and am always on the look out for cute designs but sometimes I find that’s quite a rare find.. there are loads of nice t-shirts out there but sometimes I just cant seem to find many that really suit my style. Back in high school I made a few tees using stencils and fabric paint – but I made a complete mess of it and never really plucked up the heart to do it again. But I’ve been itching with ideas after sifting through Pinterest and decided to make my first – a tea-tee! Continue reading




I have to say.. I have been seriously considering (which is ridiculous) flying back to Sydney for a weekend visit (a weekend because I hardly have any annual leave leftover). I really really loved it the past few times I’ve visited there – just the crazy city vibe with brilliant food and different places to visit. Continue reading

Fondue Party


We had ourselves a little fondue party over here with my new fondue set! Which was the most awesome birthday present because A. I am the #1 fan of cheese and B. am a sucker for anything retro with a story – the fondue set (with nifty little fondue forks with different coloured tips) was found in a shed having not been used since the 70s! The fondue mixture we used was emmental and gouda cheese mixed with some white wine and a bit of garlic for taste. Such fun!

Day One


Hello! My name is Aggie (the person not the giant koala) and this is my second attempt at keeping a blog rolling (I started my first dutchdove about ten years ago). Im sure a lot has changed and that pre-made neopets guild layouts are no longer the most sort after content anymore..