Winter is coming!


So we have only just crossed over from summer to autumn – but I swear cant already feel winter approaching. I think autumn sort of gets skipped a bit here, back home you really notice it with all the browns and orange leaves everywhere and naked trees but that doesn’t seem to happen here up north. We had the first chilly day the other day which had me digging through my closet for my coat, but it did sort of seem like it just suddenly happen – like bang on the first day of autumn. I have to say my favourite season is autumn (don’t know what I’m doing in a city where it goes unnoticed..) but I am looking forward to winter this year, maybe because we had such a hot summer that I am ready for the cooler weather. I cant wait for coats, mittens, snugging into a warm bed on a cold night, comfort food (!!), waking up on a rainy Saturday morning drinking tea in bed, and all the delicious winter vegetables at the market and hopefully growing in our garden. This picture is of a pumpkin pie we made last winter – and our pumpkins are getting closer and closer each day to being ready to make our first one this year! Roll on the beautiful crisp cooler seasons!


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