I have to say.. I have been seriously considering (which is ridiculous) flying back to Sydney for a weekend visit (a weekend because I hardly have any annual leave leftover). I really really loved it the past few times I’ve visited there – just the crazy city vibe with brilliant food and different places to visit. The first time I went to Sydney I arrived by myself, checked into the backpackers me and my friend stayed at – and found myself with most of the day left by myself while I waited for her to finish work. I wandered around the city for a while – getting to know my way a bit – and found myself at the Hyde Park Barracks Museum (pictured above) ( I think it was the best museum I have actually been to, the set up was brilliant (they had headsets which explained all of the different areas and had really interesting information). I definitely recommend going there if you are in that neck of the woods and if you like museums/taking in a bit of history – its quite full on and if you listen to all the stories and take everything in you will feel pretty taken aback (I felt pretty heavy after visiting – but also that I had learned a lot of serious, important history about the new place I was visiting). I also recommend reading the book ‘Pemulwuy’ by Eric Willmot before you visit if you get a chance. I just finished reading the book recently (though I was given it before I went to Sydney the first time to read – oops..) which was quite interesting to do actually – thinking back to my time spent holidaying there after reading the book – it makes me want to go back to learn more, but then also it feels a bit wrong and sad. Learning about the history and having knowledge of a new area you are visiting is always very special and moving in ways you might have missed otherwise.


Second though – I also found some really great pancakes! There’s this place called Pancakes On The Rocks ( which has the biggest range of pancakes/crepes on the menu – I definitely had ice cream on pancakes for lunch! Nom nom!


I think I will be saving up my holiday hours for another adventure over there sometime – maybe do a bit more exploring in that interesting city.



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