Tea-shirt making

Tea-shirt 4

So a couple of weeks ago I found a little pack of coloured t-shirt pens while I was out looking for some card making bits and pieces and thought it would be cool to try out making a t-shirt design! I sort of live in cute patterned/printed t-shirts and am always on the look out for cute designs but sometimes I find that’s quite a rare find.. there are loads of nice t-shirts out there but sometimes I just cant seem to find many that really suit my style. Back in high school I made a few tees using stencils and fabric paint – but I made a complete mess of it and never really plucked up the heart to do it again. But I’ve been itching with ideas after sifting through Pinterest and decided to make my first – aΒ tea-tee!


Tea-shirt 1

Grab a plain t-shirt as your base (if you wanted to you could make one yourself, but I just grabbed this one for about $4 at The Warehouse) and a packet of fabric pens.


Tea-shirt 2

Place a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt (so the pen doesn’t go through to the other side of the tee) and position where you want the image to be placed. Draw out your design in pencil first, and then start filling it in with the pens. I found doing the bright colours first and then the darker outlines worked best – and I could control the depth of the colour with the amount of pressure I used while applying it.


Tea-shirt 3

And there you haveΒ it – your own tea-shirt design! Now just iron over the top of the pen to set it (you can tumble dry it too, its the heat that makes it stay, I didn’t have an iron handy so I just used a hair drier!!)


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