You set me on fire

Had an awesome Friday night out with Hanna (the bestest friend ever) out at Bodega to see Ladyhawke in concert for her Wild Thing tour! Nibbled a little pizza before, danced and sang the soundtrack of my high school years and then feasted on some delicious late night junk food at Burger Fuel. Let’s do this all the time! x


Jam Jam Jam

We made kiwifruit jam! Jack found a kilo of kiwifruit for about .80c (!!) and we had just finished our last batch of kiwi jam so we though ‘why not!? All it took was the kiwifruits (not quite ripe), sugar, a lemon and water – super easy. Way!

Sunday lunch date

This past Sunday I went and caught up with my bestestΒ  friend HannaΒ  (who I am so very pleased has moved to the same city I live in now) for a tasty vegetarian cannelloni at Dixon St Deli, some vintage clothes shopping and the very best hot chocolate in the world from ScopaΒ  (it’s like drinking warm, thick, rich chocolate yogurt – it’s immense).