Massive Update!

Hello again! Have you missed me? I return with updates of what I have been up to over the past few months. First up.. I had a hair cut!


Okay okay, nothing too drastic – but they made it all fun and curly which I thought was quite nifty.

Next up.. a must less fancied up picture of me, we went camping! We went to Kaitoke Regional park (which is where Rivendell was filmed in Lord of the Rings) and stayed a night over the long weekend which was a lot of fun.


And then it was of coarse my most favourite holiday of all, HALLOWEEN! I went nuts this year and completely decorated the house with cobwebs, spiders, played scary music, had pumpkin pie and all the best candy for the masses (and there were,there were tonnes) of trick or treaters! I pretty much spent the month of October making decorations and working on my costume (which the bones are made of felt and hand stitched onto some black clothes – yes, it did take forever and a lot of pricked fingers). It was fun being a skeleton (I did consider having a crazy cat lady costume) because it was like I was a sneaky secret real skeleton, dressed as a human, dressed as a skeleton! Mwahahaha.


And then today there was another trip to Kaitoke park, and back to Rivendell- here is a nifty prop elvish ruin they left up.


And here is the actual tree that Orlando Bloom (Legolas) stood next to for the promo shots for The Fellowship of the Ring (and here is a link to a picture of him actually standing next to the tree: Whoot! Have a good (and safe) Guy Fawkes tonight!



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