Sunday Funday

We made the most of the nice (yet windy) weather today by spending the day exploring the city and using up our Wellington Advent Calendar vouchers for various activities out and about.

But first I must show our wee pride and joy in the garden – our happy little sunflower! It had managed to beat the odds in the most root infested part of the garden (thank you very much pohutukawa tree..) and stand up against the crazy winds we have had recently, which blew the flowers right off of our eggplant (boo!). We are proud plant parents.

We didn’t have a voucher for it but I had to get my fries with cheese and gravy from Five Boroughs while we were in the area. They are always so drenched in gravy/cheese that you have to use a fork, its brilliant.

We went for a walk along the waterfront (mainly to try and spot stingrays) before seeing ‘Hidden Figures’ at the movies which was a wonderful film. We also had refreshing gelatos at Gelissimo – Jack was adventurous and tried the cucumber and mint while I stuck to an oldie but a goodie, Mango. Thank you (x2)Wellington Advent Calendar!

We didn’t see any stingrays the first time, however we walked along the waterfront after the movie on our way to the car and saw loads of rays! The water was quite rough so they were a bit hard to spot, but there were a few curious rays which came close to the surface. I thank my lucky sting ray necklace for attracting so many! πŸ˜‰


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