Throwing the plum

I am writing this blog while listening to this incredibly relaxing video I found on YouTube today (its a thing called ASMR, and its a bit like listening to soothing waterfall sounds or rain, except with paper). Its quite strange sitting down and listening to this sort of video, but jeez Louise it is soothing to the ears (best listened to with headphones). A good way of winding down after a big day at work, almost as good as Wednesday night $5 French bubble, am I right or am I right πŸ˜‰

I feel there sort of needs to be some sort of transition period between coming home from work and then relaxing and settling back into yourself and doing your own things. I used to have a two hour commute to/from work every day which was very therapeutic and gave me time to think and collect myself after a hectic day, but now I live a lot closer and need to find another way to collect myself after the day.

Because sometimes the days can get pretty crazy. I was feeling a little bit frazzled because I had a bunch of things that needed to be done at work, and someone needed to use a computer so I let them use mine (which was fine, though I did end up having to use the one in the other room with the funny mouse.. whats up with those wireless ones? They are nuts! They seem to have a mind of their own..) but I needed to get my lunch from inside my desk draw, so I went over and made a bit of nervous conversation as I fumbled through my draw and managed to somehow awkwardly throw a plum through the air (over my shoulder..) while talking with this coworker who then just looked very confused and awkward as we watched it roll behind a cabinet. The worst bit was nothing was said, I managed to fish it out and scurry off to lunch before I did any more ridiculousness. Nothing else! Just pure awkwardness.

Good one Aggie, well done again.


Weekends are great though! And this past one was just lovely as we got to spend some time out and about with our favorite couple Hanna & Tim. It was such a beautiful day on Saturday that we went for a little stroll along the waterfront, and might have forced them to do a bit of Sting ray/Eagle ray watching with us too.

We went out to our favorite little Turkish restaurant for an amazing meal (as always), and had the best Turkish delight I have ever had in my existence so far. Nom nom!


Such a lot of fun, with a bunch of big lovelies!

And a bit of late night retro furniture window shopping..


“Madness times” makes “loveliness times” so much more noticeable me thinks!

Night night xox


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