The Palms

I took a trip back down to my home town this weekend to catch up with friends and family (and am currently lounging about the family house in pj’s – good old Sunday mornings at home.


Mum and I went out in search of a birthday cake for dad and I spotted cronuts (I had heard loads about them but had never tried one) and it was delicious!

As pictured here it had like a salted caramel sauce on the top and was filled with a custard filling inside – completely delicious, Β I’m convinced!

My good friend Lisa and I went out for some tasty dins at the Fox and Ferret and discovered that they actually do really tasty burgers. I got the mushroom, haloumI with salad and mayo, and Lisa got the same except minus the cheese and mayo (she is vegan) but the mushrooms were amazingly delicious!

A couple of crazies out in town pictured above. We caught the bus (such fun) into town after that and we were waiting at the back of the line at a club when the bouncer pointed to us and a couple of other girls and let us go past the massive line and straight into the club! Feeling very VIP 🍾 Such a fun night with such a great gal πŸ’–


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